Module 2: Why OER?

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Articulate motivations for OER adoptions and use

  • Describe the benefits of OER for students

  • Describe the benefits of OER for faculty

  • Explore further benefits OER supports, such as equity and inclusion

You'll begin exploring the benefits of OER by watching a brief video, An Introduction to Open Educational Resources (3:47), in the textbook. You’ll notice that this chapter contains many external links to additional readings on the impact and benefits of OER. Take the time to read these resources to explore further the concepts and points presented in this module.  After completing the chapter, return here to complete the activity before moving on to the next module.

Picture of the title screen for a video: An Introduction to Open Educational Resources

Module 2 Final Activity:

Consider the possible goals for using OER, such as:

·         Reducing student textbook cost
·         Increasing student engagement
·         More freedom and control over learning materials
·         Open pedagogy
·         Increase equity, diversity and inclusion

Which goal appeals most to you? What is one area of your work (or one course) where you could incorporate OER to help meet the goal you listed?

Submit your answer on your saved Google Forms OER 101 Quiz before moving on to Module 3!  Remember: You should have an email from Google Forms that confirms your submission of the form after Module 1. Use the Edit response link near the top of that email to get back to your partially completed form and add to it.

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