Module 5: Accessibility

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Explain universal design and how it improves accessibility for all learners

  • Identify steps for choosing and using accessible OER

  • List three ways accessibility must be considered when adopting OER

  • Reflect on accessibility of current teaching resources and how they can be improved

Begin by watching the video below, and then continue through Chapter 7 of the textbook.  After you've completed the Concept Review at the end of the chapter, return here to complete the module activity before moving on to Module 7.

Screenshot of the title scene of the video to start chapter six in the textbook.

Accessibility Module Activity:
Using what you've learned about accessibility and universal design, write a brief statement evaluating how effectively an open resource you currently use, have used, or are considering using meets the standards outlined in the chapter. If it meets or exceeds the standards, explain why; if it does not, explain how it could be improved. 

Click here to submit your answer on the OER: A Deeper Dive Digital Badge Quiz  before moving on to Module 6. (Like in the first set of modules, you will continue adding answers to the same form as you complete each module. Once you've filled out sections 1 & 2, click through to the end and click SUBMIT to receive an email containing a link to return to the quiz at the end of Module 6.) 

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