Module 7: Adapting, Creating, & Sharing OER

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Determine reasons for adapting & creating 

  • Apply needed steps for adapting & creating OER with proper attribution and licensing

  • Recognize the considerations in choosing a license for your work

  • Recognize the variety of creation and authoring tools available

  • Create your own OER

In the previous seven modules, you’ve learned a great deal about open educational resources and how they can be used as effective teaching and learning material in your courses.  In this module, you will gain experience in applying what you’ve learned to begin considering your next steps in adopting, adapting, and/or creating an OER.

Begin by clicking on the image below to continue working through chapter 9. Return to this module when you are ready to submit your Next Steps planning document.

Module 7 Final Activity:

Make sure you have saved a copy of your Reflection and Next Steps planning document, generated using the Document Tool at the end of Chapter 9 in the textbook. You will be submitting it when you access the OER: A Deeper Dive Digital Badge Quiz one last time to complete the final assessment at the end of Chapter 11.

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