Module 6: Creative Commons Licensing in Depth

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Identify the differences between the six currently available Creative Commons licenses 

  • Identify the conditions including attributions when using open licensed material 

  • Recognize how different license permissions impact remixing compatibility

  • Use tools to guide you in choosing the appropriate license for your own work 

  • Use tools for creating attribution statements in your work

Begin by clicking on the image below and view the slide deck.  Continue reading and working through Chapter 8 in the textbook and then return here to complete the Module 6 Final Activity.

Module 6 Final Activity:

Directions: Read the following scenario then use the CC license compatibility chart to answer the questions below:

You are not happy with your current composition textbook and have decided that you want to find existing OER to create a custom textbook for your course.  You've searched a few repositories and applied appropriate evaluation techniques to identify three open resources which you feel are high quality and align with some or most of your course objectives. 

You want to remix them by taking the best content from each and mashing them together to create a new resource. Use the LIcense Compatibility Chart to determine the following:

1) Whether material from each of these resources could be included somehow in the new product.

2) The type of license you would apply to the new work, and why you would choose that license.

When you are ready, return to the OER: A Deeper Dive Digital Badge Quiz to submit your answers. (Remember, if you use the link you received after submitting the quiz from Module 5, you can access a copy of the form that saved your answers.)

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