Module 1: Understanding OER

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Define Open Educational Resources (OER)

  • Describe the 5R permissions 

  • Identify examples of OER types

  • Recognize the role open licensing plays in OER

Click on the image below to watch this introductory video: What is OER? (1:47After watching the video, continue to read through Chapter 1, Understanding OER in the textbook, and then return here to complete the module activity.

Screenshot of the Chapter 1 intro video, What is OER? Image is hyperlinked to chapter 1 of the textbook.

Module 1 Final Activity:

Consider the 5R permissions associated with Open Educational Resources. Based on your current understanding, which of them do you feel will be most valuable in supporting your teaching goals?  In other words, which of them makes you the most excited to learn more and possibly start using OER in your course or other educational work?

Submit your answer on your Google Forms OER 101 Quiz before moving on to Module 2!

**Note: The final activities for Modules 1 - 4 are all on the same Google form; after entering your personal information on page 1, including your best email, move on to page 2 and answer the question posed above.  Then click on Next until you get to the last page and click SUBMIT. Watch for an email that will contain your answers and a link to Edit Form; at the end of Module 2, access the form using that email link & you can add your answer for Module 2's final activity.  Click next until you get to last page and submit again.  Repeat all the way through OER 101 (Modules 1 - 4) to receive your OER 101 badge! 

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